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F*ck Me Silly Masturbator
F*ck Me Silly Masturbator
F*ck Me Silly Masturbator
F*ck Me Silly Masturbator

F*ck Me Silly Masturbator

Product #: PDRD174
Price: $631.99
You Save: $162.84
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Product Details
  • Length: 14.50 Inches
  • Width: 14.00 Inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Feature: Double Entry More Info, Latex Free , Lube Included More Info, Phthalate Free More Info, Toy Cleaner Included More Info, Waterproof More Info
  • Material: Realistic More Info
  • Brand: Pipedream Extreme Toyz
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
  • UPC: 603912275506
  • Weight: 22.00 lbs
Product Description
You've always dreamt of f*cking a lifelike pussy/ass like this, so what are you waiting for? Take your realistic life size replica out of the box, get out the free lube, and pound it 'til you F*ck IT Silly! This mega masturbator is the most realistic piece of ass you ever f*cked--and with over 20 lbs. of soft, Fanta-flesh engulfing and massaging your cock, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing! Slap that big round ass and listen to the whack-- it sounds and feels just like a real ass! Spread the cheeks, ram the tight little asshole, and fill it with every inch of your man meat! Now, flip the ass over on its back and the perfect pink pussy lips are spread eagle and begging for your dick! Warm and tight, this masturbator is ready to go! When you're done, blow your load-- cleanup is a snap either way with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Best of all, it tucks away under the bed or in the closet for easy storage after the fun. No commitments, no bullshit, and no worries about knocking it up. It's an all access, any time-any place piece of pussy and ass made just for your cock! INCLUDES: Life-Like FantaFlesh Ass/Vagina 1oz. Moist Lubricant 1oz. Toy CLeaner

PLEASE NOTE: We've made the pussy and ass openings deeper than previous models with thicker walls inside separating the rubber and the foam core. The hole on the backside of the masturbator is for air-release only. This hole does not connect to the pussy or ass and is not a drainage hole. It is designed to let air escape when f*cking either the pussy or ass. If you submerge the masturbator completely in water, you will cause damage to the piece because water will get inside and wet the foam core. if the foam core gets wet, the core will shrivel up and get much smaller. You should only clean the masturbator by flushing water in and out through the pussy and ass. The two holes connect, so by flushing water through either hole will cleanse it properly. Do not rinse water through the backside opening and do not submerge the masturbator completely in water.

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Heart Beating Action!, February 12, 2012
By John Bull
I have just used the vag for the second time and it was more of a intense feeling. I guess it gets better every time you use this toy. After I was finished pounding this toy I could not even walk away. I had to stand still for a couple minutes until my heavy breathing had stopped. My heart was beating so fast that I could actually feel it in my chest. I would recommend that people with heart conditions should take it easy with this toy.

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Better Than A Bowflex!, January 24, 2012
By John Bull
This thing gave me a real workout. By the time I was finished I was drenched in sweat and my legs were stiff. When it comes to a workout, this thing beats the Bowflex hands down! This thing is huge and does have quite a bit of weight to it. I was surprised when I pulled it out of the box. The vag is spread open and it is loose. Being loose, that makes it easier for me to slip in. Other toys I had to spread the hole with my fingers but with this toy all I have to do is push my shaft in with a pelvic thrust and it slips right in with no hands ever being used. As stated in a previous comment posted on this page "This thing does fuck back" when you are ramming the vag (doggie style). Let me try to explain this: You ram into this thing, when you are all the way in and your waist hits the ass the toy will bounce forward, Then the toy will bounce back towards you. One thing I like about this toy is you can pull your shaft out of it up to your head without slipping out. You just slip right back in that easy (probably because it is loose). With other toys if I pulled my shaft out to the point where only my head was in the hole, I would accidentily slip out (because the hole was tight). So I would have to be careful and do shorter thrusts, With this toy I can do longer thrusts. I would say that the vag was of medium intensity, It was not low intensity but it was not high intensity either. I was impressed that the vag and ass have separate tunnels. The ass is tighter than the vag. In order to get into the ass, I did have to spread it with my fingers. The ass had a little bit more intensity than the vag. Both tunnels did not pull my skin behind my head (this is a good thing).

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Almost Too Good To Be True!!, August 15, 2011
By noodles1
After unpacking the product and just looking at it gave me an erection. And after generously applying the free lube, I gave her my all. It was fantastic easy to reposition and light weight. I will be spending much time with it as im sure that u will.

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Best Product I've Ever Used!!!, April 29, 2011
By Neo1257
I've bought and tried the extreme fuck me silly, and it is awesome. It is the best toy I've ever bought and it work. I've bought others and they just don't cut it. When i bought this toy, i thought, this shit feels more real than the real thing. To other people out there, buy this toy. Trust me you'll like.

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Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!, December 9, 2010
By crazy4film1980
Guys, if you're going to own only one sex toy in your lifetime, this would be it. She is incredibly realistic and I have to tell you more than a little addictive. I've had mine for only a couple of months and believe me I've put her to use more times than I can count. This hot little number brings me to a mind-blowing orgasm every time...yes, a sex toy really can do that for you...at least this one can! She's a very versatile gal too: You can take her in the traditional missionary position; when you tire of that, flip her over and plow her pussy doggie-style; and of course that tight little asshole is ready when you're in the mood to give some anal-loving. Just decide what you want and this sexy bitch will let you have it...you never face the risk of being turned down...LOL. If the price makes you a little nervous, you have to consider the quality you will be getting in return, which is truly phenomenal. So buy with complete confidence, and be prepared to reach the heights of sexual ecstasy...again and again!

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It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This., December 7, 2010
By crazy4toys1980
Guys, if you're only going to own one sex toy in your lifetime, this is the one. It is so realistic and I have to tell you more than a little addictive. I've had mine for a couple of months now and believe me it gets a lot of use. I've had some truly mind-blowing orgasms, yes, the right kind of pleasure product can really do that for you. This gal is very versatile too. You can take her in the traditional missionary position; when you tire of that just flip her over and plow her pussy doggie-style; and of course the tight little butthole is ready whenever you're in the mood to give this sexy bitch some anal-loving. It's completely up to you, just decide how you want it and you can have it...you never face the risk of being turned down...LOL. The price might be making you a little nervous, but please bear in mind that you're paying for truly phenomenal quality. I mean when it comes to sex toys, this is as close to the real thing as you're going to get, guys, so buy with confidence.

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Best Male Sextoy, October 13, 2010
I have purchased a lot of male sex toys but this one has to be the best. The positions with this is endless from cow girl to carrying it while fucking it. It is heavy and the pictures doesn't do justice on the size of this thing. The holes are okay, not exactly the pussy feel, but it gets the job done. The ass looks amazing. The best part about this toy is when you are fucking it doggy style it actually fucks back. Yes, it comes back on your dick and the sight of it is very pleasing. All in all it's probably the best toy on the market. I promise you wont regret getting it.

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Pipedream Sexpert Questions, July 12, 2010
By Pipedream Sexpert Questions
Question: How deep are the holes on the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator and are they ribbed or smooth? Answer: The tunnel of the Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator RD174-00 is approximately 14-inches deep and is smooth in texture. The product is different than similar toys on the market in that it can be flipped and used in just about any position you can think of and does not need to sit flat on a table top. This allows you to practice your sexual techniques on a life-life pussy and ass replica so you'll ultimately be a better lover for sexual partners. It also comes with a Zero Tolerance DVD with hours of hardcore footage, not just some DVD sampler like you get with most other toys on the market. It has quickly become one of our best selling items in a short amount of time and the feedback we received on it is really good. Go get one and ENJOY!

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Really Impressive, May 28, 2010
By dingdong
Came out of the box and straight to my cock in less than 1 minute. It is a lot bigger than I expected and the flesh feels very real. My expectations were exceeded as this thing will provide you with a realistic experience. The holes felt really good. The ass is tight and gives way after a minute or so, but it stays tight. The pussy feels great and is engulfing. It's really plump and gives you the feeling of fucking a real nice pussy. The booty cheeks is what blew me away. Big butt lovers will love this masturbator. The details are fantastic, everything from the shape to the design of the anus and puss is as realistic as you could want it. Nothing beats real pussy, but this thing has me thinking about fucking it, instead of fucking my girlfriend on some days. I have never owned another sex toy till a friend turned me on to this thing a week ago. I was skeptical as he made it seem as if its the greatest thing since sliced bread. So I caved to his recommendation and looked it up. It looked good enough from the product details on a few sites I checked out, but the price left me contemplating for a while. Finally I said fuck it. I figured I have payed 300 dollars for a game console just to fry my brain, why not drop as much on something to stroke my cock with from time to time. I have to say it was a great decision. Hiding this thing is a bitch. Don't underestimate the size of this thing. It's as large as a real chicks ass and hips, like literally to scale. Care seems easy enough and corn starch really brings it to life. Without it the skin starts to rubber up, but even then it stays feeling real enough. With the starch, it feels like a smooth piece of ass and hips. You will need lube for it to be comfortable and just as a preference ,I decided to use a condom with it so I don't have to clean it as much. Sure it takes away from the realistic feel if you will, but I got real pussy for that, lol. Its a great masturbator and I highly recommend it. I have tried to be as detailed and as straight forward as I can so that no one makes an uninformed decision. Lastly, I will just say you won't regret it.

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