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Sugar Sak Extra Large Pink

Product #: SU004
Price: $14.99
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Note: A chemical reaction can and will occur if certain materials touch each other. This does happen with silicone toys and it's the same kind of chemical reaction that silicone lubricants have with a silicone toy, it just breaks it down. You should always store your toys separately or wrap each one in a baggy, or sock, or towel etc before storing them in a box.
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Product Details
  • Length: 13.00 Inches
  • Width: 9.50 Inches
  • Feature: Anti-Bacterial
  • Color: Pink
  • Manufacturer: Sugar Sak
  • UPC: 649241867012
  • Weight: 3.04 Ounces
Product Description
Keep Your Toys Safe & Bacteria-Free! This designer bag is coated with a special microbiostatic barrier to keep your toys clean and in pristine condition. The leopard-print lining of the lint-free bag is coated with Bioshield 75, an EPA-approved and patented coating that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew and viruses. XL size includes a hidden compartment for lubes, condoms or bullet vibes.
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Great Storage For Toys!, November 16, 2014
By SaffronBurke
I own a bunch of Sugar Saks, though I recently stopped keeping the majority of my toys in them to save space. I have three of the extra-large, though only the first one has that internal pocket. Later ones that Iíve bought donít have the pocket (boo! I like the pocket!) but they have the ďupgradeĒ of having pretty black beads on the drawstrings - bleh, Iíd rather have the pocket. My original - which was my ďbutt stuff bagĒ for quite a while because the pocket is perfect for plugs while the body of the bag can house larger dildos and vibes - has been sewn back together multiple times, as Iíve experienced the seams in the satin splitting - mainly the bottom seam, though it appears a side seam now needs repaired, too - because they didnít finish the edges of the fabric, and itís frayed and the seams have come apart over time. This has not yet been a problem with any of my newer bags, so it seems that they upgraded their construction, but at loss of the pocket, which makes me sad - the pocket is handy for holding lube, batteries, and smaller toys or accessories for larger toys. I ended up turning bag and pocket inside out because the edges of the satin inside the pocket was leaving strings on my butt plugs, so I put fray stop on the terribly unfinished fabric edges so that I could put things in my butt without picking hot pink thread off of them first. The other two pink Saks that I have house my Hitachi and my Shibari. The portion of the XL Sak that forms the storage area, below the drawstring, is 11in (28cm) long, and 9in (23cm) wide. This is just enough space to store a Hitachi or other equal-sized wand, if placed diagonally in the bag. The pocket, should you be lucky enough to receive a Sak with one, measures 6.75in (17.25cm) tall by 5in (13cm) wide, and is situated .5in (1.5cm) down from the drawstring, and is centered between the seams. This is plenty of room to hold the average bottle of lube, or a pack of batteries. One complaint that Iíve noticed that many people have with these bags is that the fabric tends to cling to jelly or silicone toys, and people whine that itís impossible to get their dildo into the bag to store it, so itís a waste of money. Yes, itís a grabby material, and itís going to cling to other grabby materials. However, people who whine that this makes the bag impossible to use are giving up a little too soon I put them onto my silicone dildos like a condom, well, actually, more like a stocking - gather the bag up in my hands like a stocking before putting it on, position the head in the bottom of the bag, roll it down the shaft, and close.

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Holds More Than It Looks Like, September 19, 2014
By Jennie
When this came in the mail, I thought that it would only hold my new, very large toy, but I was surprised. I fit quite a few toys in it. I'm still going to get more, so we can have a different bag for each kind of toy. It sure beats plastic bags, which is what we've been using.

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Pretty And Keeps Them Clean, February 27, 2012
By purplepassion
These bags are BIG. They do hold lots of toys or just one big toy. I use these for my special toys that have a charger. I use the hidden inside pocket to store the charger. You may want to wash the bag before using, though. I had placed my favorite vibrator in one brand new bag and the lining dye stained the handle a bit. These bags also keep your toys from getting germs and mildew, and when packed separately they prevent bad interactions between other toys surface material.

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Review Of CNVELD-9979-02, January 12, 2009
By Wendy
An excellent product for toy storage or travel. Cute, but subtle, and it fits a *ton* of stuff in it - its like a bag of carrying, or connected to L-space or something. Amazing!

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